The keys to a successful Youtube channel

I have just finished the book Youtubeur, by Jean-Baptiste Viet. A veritable mine of information on Youtube, from the point of view of an apprentice-youtube. I’ll talk about it later in this article, but one aspect that I particularly liked in his book is that the author was able to identify with precision the keys of a Youtube channel.

By interviewing known youtubeurs, and starting from his own experience, this is what he considers the most important.

You must love what you do. It’s primordial.
The videos will inevitably come out. Funny, more spontaneous, more relevant … The passion will push you to do more and more to get the best video possible.
For example, the yorkie NotaBene is a history enthusiast. And it shows in his videos. He even made some of his videos based on what his fans wanted to discover … and so he went in search of complementary information, on a subject that he did not master.
Another fine example is Cyprian. He obviously loves filming, but he is also a big fan of video games of all kinds. He even shot a few movies online free around his passion, which he tries to pass on to all his fans.
That’s passion. Always go further.
The creative brief
Your Youtube channel must have a clear message. Why did you create it? What is his objective? To make laugh ? Teach the guitar? In what way? For who ?
These questions are paramount, they will give you a guideline not to lose during your videos.
The script

A good video is first of all a good script. The script is not only the story told in the video, it is the sequence of the different shots, how to fit all the elements of the video, the introduction, the conclusion and the message of the video.
Working several hours on this script will significantly improve the engagement of your fans and your videos will be viewed more often, longer and will be shared regularly.
Acceptable equipment is a minimum. No need to ruin yourself with the latest fashionable HD video camera.
No. Your smartphone, a pocket tripod and a micro-tie can be enough to make quality videos. The tripod will stabilize the picture and the micro-tie to have a really very clear sound and no parasite.
It will not be George Lucas, but it will go very well.
On his site, the author of Youtubeur recommends you this tripod (or GorillaPod) and this micro-tie. Follow his advice!
As for editing, there are also good free software like Movie Maker or DaVinci Resolve. It will be very good to start.
You thought that once the video was finished, the millions of eyes would magically come in? No, unfortunately it’s not that simple. You should now work on SEO your video, making it appear first in search results on Youtube.
Think about it: you are surely not the first to make a video on the “best tart tatin”. It is up to you to reference the video so that it appears at the top of the results when this theme is searched on Youtube.
To have a Youtube channel is to receive dozens of comments each day (sometimes hateful, unfortunately …)
Being close to your fans is essential: both in the subjects of your videos, as in the comments, they will feel listened to and will have to heart to share your videos.
One of my favorite videos of Cyprien is his series “Cyprien answers your questions”. He takes the tweets of several people and answers their questions. Often personal questions, sometimes technical questions. It allows me to know Cyprien better and feel closer – despite his income and his celebrity, it is always a normal guy with his desires, fears, stuff that make him laugh …
Measuring and optimizing
You can not only make dozens of videos and hope that they will please. You need to analyze the results using Youtube tools, see where your visitors are dropping, watch the most shared videos …
For many, this will seem boring but it’s really something that can make a difference.
Contrary to popular belief, monetizing a Youtube video is much more than advertising and the famous phrase “1000 views = 1 euro”. On the one hand, this figure is a bit reducing and depends on full parameters. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to earn money with Youtube, it’s up to you to choose what is your favorite.

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