The 5 Main reasons for Bad Sleep

Many people complain about the lack of sleep, or so they say. Waking up at night instead of sound sleep is common among many people. The greatest worry among them is what causes this phenomenon. As we may agree, solving the problem of lack of sleep needs a clear understanding of its causes.

Many sleep problems are more of psychologically caused. It is therefore common to see individuals trying to suppress the effects of drugs that enable sleep albeit for a few hours. Such short term strategies have proven to be detrimental in the long run as individuals develop resistance and addiction.

It is against this backdrop that insomnia studies have demonstrated that the remedy to the causes of insomnia lies with knowing them. For instance, the use of alcohol and other mood depressant has usually borne short term solutions, getting to its root could give individuals the required punch.

Inadequate sleep
Insufficient sleep refers to a situation where people find it hard to sleep the normal time expected. For instance, such people more often find themselves awake for the better part of the sleep time or have the urge to be awake.
All these happenings do not get the desired results of enabling the body to attain the needed recovery. The aim of sleep is to make the body recover from the day’s fatigue. With this not being achieved, the individual wakes up tired.

There are some causes of bad sleep that vary from person to the next. The majority of these causes of inadequate sleep summarized into three core areas, mood, medicinal and lifestyle cause of severe sleep disorder.
Sleep disorders have varied causes split into diverse categories. We look at some of the major cause of inadequate sleep in great detail here;

1. Bad sleep habits
Individuals at times develop bad sleep habits that make it hard even to get that nap when required. Working in bed, for instance, has been cited as one of the principal causes of lack of sleep on many of the freelancing individuals.

Placing your laptop on the bed is not only a health risk but can also affect the pattern of sleep. The standard body adjustments to work time and sleep time may not be easy to adapt to if you have regular shifts that take the sleeping time.
Sleeping at odd hours also disorient your body into making a different routine. All these can lead to poor sleep.
Use a mattress for bad sleeping habits:

2. Depression and stress
Many individuals have worries that make them hard to get that sleep. The state of depression can allow mood swings that may then cause severe shifts in the manner of sleep. Stress disorders like overly worrying of issues make an individual tense, which can take away sleep.

The ominous fear that creeps in when people find themselves in such situations give rise to sadness, loss of interest and at times having low morale. Such cases of depression and stress if not well checked may lead to other risks and can be fatal.

3. Medical conditions
Medical conditions of individuals can be a cause of lack of sleep. One of such conditions referred to as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a situation where people end up waking up at intervals throughout the night.

Conditions of the nervous system like the restless leg syndrome are also said to be a cause of inadequate sleep. Restless leg syndrome makes individuals move the leg continuously in the cause of sleep. Such continuous processes of leg movements cause lack of sleep.

There are other diverse medical causes of inadequate sleep that border on the use of medicines like antidepressants. However, individuals with pain, arthritis, asthma, and sinuses may experience insufficient sleep more often than those with mild medical issues.

4. Lifestyle causes
While we blame several other factors for causing bad sleep, lifestyle issues contribute significantly here. Individuals who love taking coffee before going to sleep may find it hard to sleep. The use of alcohol, tea, and other stimulants may not help much in this regard.

Taking substantial amounts of supper lead to discomfort with the slow metabolism in sleep and result in the lack of sleep. The same way with individuals who do not care for their bedroom spaces. The place of rest is an essential element in enabling sleep.

Another leading case of insomnia in the developed world has excess weight. Obese individuals find it hard to settle in sleep as they develop conditions like heavy breathing and snoring. Something worth noting is the higher levels of insomnia among people who travel often.

Continuous travel disorients the body, just like it happens with the other cases of lifestyle patterns. When the body fails to fall within the rhythm as there are differences in time zones, the result is bouts of severe sleep disorder.

5. Physiological/ environmental factors
There are other causes of inadequate sleep in individuals that do not get associated with either of the main reasons. One of such is the finding that age increases the chances of bad sleep. On the other hand, the association of gender with inadequate sleep cannot fail our scrutiny.

Middle aged women and older men have higher chances of insomnia that younger women and men. As the body conditions change in women at menopause, the levels of anxiety associated with it cause lack of sleep. Older people also experience such changes that have an equal effect.

In the case of environmental causes, the place where an individual takes that all important sleeps matter. Sleeping in noisy areas has an impact on the quality of sleep one gets. The temperature, on the other hand, determines how fast one falls asleep.

Brightly lit areas may not be ideal for sleeping as the light affects the eyes and make people stay awake.

Bad sleep has a broad range of causes which may not be easy to tackle if not known. Addressing inadequate sleep requires taking the first step at acknowledging the problem. It is only then that we can handle it from its root instead of the usual superficial ways of trying to manage sleep.

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