Seven Nicer Shoe Styles For Nurses !

February may be the month of love, but why not show your feet some love throughout the year? These two trusted friends take you to dance or take long walks along the beach regardless of your marital status. Your pampering they deserve, so we have compiled the most enjoyable for that purpose styles.

In the field of nursing, men and women share the same goal when it comes to choosing the proper shoes.
The comfort is one of the first priorities for these shoes because of the features of the nursing job. Also, these shoes mút go well with the dress code of the hospital. Finally, fashion is also an important criterion when choosing shoes (are not we all?). Luckily, there are different styles of best shoes for nurses that can meet all these needs.

Are you a romantic?

The shoe Softie, as its name suggests, offers several layers of comfort. This template includes a removable heel (with a coating that absorbs moisture) and a flexible instep skin that folds without producing pinches. It’s like stealing a robe of a luxury hotel to wrap on your feet. Also, the outer lining of the shoe is very durable. Therefore, it may look more like a worn jacket leather with rubber soles and microfiber lining. Anyway, it’s a real treat for your feet.

Baila Revolution
Emma Goldman is famous for saying, “If I can not dance, do not want to be part of your revolution.” Well, maybe you go to revolutionize your work life if you can walk for several turns with these shoes. Revolution is a shoe, lightweight, athletic and has many things under the instep. Even has a midsole with an airbag to cushion shocks. Unlike the airbags in your car, this will hold hundreds of thousands of small daily impacts. If your heart could be so terrible!

Teaches a little skin

Wait, we meant to show a little snakeskin. Oops, this still sounds more rogue. Step Inlets you take the target of a whole new way. Textured skin Vamp is not okay reptile skin. It is a good imitation. Muda your old habits and get the look with these serpentine shoes. The soft padded collar comfortably screwed to the top of your foot while the lightweight sole allows you to wriggle silently through the halls of the hospital.

Meet Espadrille
This Espadrille clog skin is inspired by jute shoes that have been fashionable in recent years. Of course, the detail of the mesh is only on the instep of the shoe to have a conventional outsole that fits the workplace. We love the macramé effect on bright patent leather stripes at the top and strips. You’ll want to take your pants shorter uniform not cover these beauties.

Talk To Your Feet

Your feet can tell you who want a more relaxed appearance. These athletic shoes are quite similar to a pair of Chuck Taylors. It is a great casual style that is particularly well with TES type pants uniform. These shoes have many good things, like with a removable inner lining of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and rubber inserts to support the front and heel. These shoes serve day and night if you usually spend the evenings throwing some hoops on the court in the neighborhood.

Clogs smooth scrolling
This beautiful log nubuck gives you a smooth ride. Unlike other clogs with a rigid strip that sticks in your heel, this has an elastic strap that fits but does not constrict. The interior is lined to absorb moisture so that the skin and last longer. Also, heels provide short women about five centimeters of extra height. You might want to wear your skirt nurse, rather than uniform pants, to see the effect these shoes have in your calves. The button is an extra detail that adds femininity.

Take a step with black and white checkered
The Step In feel so well that we have shown twice! Perhaps the dress code in your workplace forced to wear shoes only white or black. Try to see if school wear this pair with black and white! With sales ” Spider Traction Max,” these shoes are made to be no – slip. But you should probably not try to climb the walls – even when the behavior of your colleagues makes you want to.
What nursing shoe styles are the ones that make your heart beat faster? Let us know in the comments section.

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