Oiled and oil-less lubrication? What is the best option?

Nowadays, in the globalization period, the market has more and more developed, and we can easily go shopping. More products, more brands, styles, functions bring us many options, but that also confuse use when making the last decision. Like other products in the market, Air Compressors are provided by many brands with different styles and functions. That explain why you may be confused when trying to find the best Air Compressor. Here is a comparison between oil and oil-less compressors in lubrication options.

Lubrication option is also one of decision that you must make when buying an air compressor. In fact, oiled compressors have a better performance than the oil-less compressor, but they always need an extra expense of care and maintenance. If you tend to use the air compressor for a lot of work, oiled compressors are a good choice, but remember you need to regularly clear and take care of it.

Oil-less air compressors are suggested if you are plan use it for a long time. In this case, an oil-less compressor can work well for a long time, but you do not need to care it much.

1. Oiled air compressor
With an oiled compressor, the cylinders are coated with oil when the machine work. The oil makes them much more durable. Like a car or law eater, the oil also needs to be changed from time to time. That why oiled compressor cost more than an oil-less compressor. But it is always worth to go with oil.

There are many benefits if you get an oiled air compressor. Oiled models are necessary for compressors which require high power. Because a tighter cylinder seal is necessary when pressure increases.
Checking the oil level every time we use and scheduled oil changes are strongly suggested. Because if you take care of oiled compressors, they can work longer than an oil-less compressor.

There are lots of benefits that you can find in an oiled compressor
+ Oiled designs make compressor more powerful and stronger. It means you can use it for heavy duty tools and work with high capacity.
+ Oiled compressor last longer. Although they need a careful maintenance, if you do in the right way, you can keep the air compressor for a longer time than an oil-less air compressor.
+ Oiled helps cool the unit.
+ Oiled compressor are the good options for different circumstances, but not cheap.
+ Take a lot of time to maintenance.
+ Compared to the oil-less compressor, the oiled compressor is heavier which creates some difficulties when moving.
+ The cost for the oiled compressor is quite expensive. Besides, you need more cost for maintenance and oil.

2. Oil-less air compressors
These devices are permanently lubricated by coating the cylinders with Teflon. It is said that oil-less models are more advanced. First, they cut down the trouble and difficulties when taking care of the air compressor, but in fact, you get a bigger trouble. With heavy work, you can not finish it easily like the way you do with the oiled compressor.
+ Oil-less compressors are cheaper than the others. There is no extra cost for mainland and oil.
+ No time for maintenance.
+ Oil-less air compressors are lighter which can save more energy for you.
+ Less durable because the permanent lubrication will wear down.
+ Oil-less compressor can not cool the unit so that it will run hotter.
+ Oil-less units have a power cap, but they are not as efficient as the oiled do.
+ Oil-less compressors just give a good return on their purchase value if you do not plan it heavily
In conclusion, these are some disadvantages and advantages of oiled and oil-less air compressors. Through this writing, you may know well about the function of oil in the air compressor. So What are your using purposes and are you ready to get one of the air compressors to home. Hope after reading this writing; you can make the right decision.

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