How we can get weapons

Four categories of weapons
These are divided into four categories (A, B, C, and D) since 2013. The least demanding is category D, which includes over-the-counter weapons (such as white weapons, batons, Aeronautical or detonating aerosol bombs, neutralized firearms or historical weapons), or subject to registration (like some smooth-barreled cannon guns firing a gun).

To possess this type of firearms, it is enough to be of age, but also to “hold a validated hunting license for the current year, or a license of a sports federation for the Practice shooting or ball-trap, “says the site administration. At the time of acquisition, a form must be completed along with a copy of identification and licensed sports federation or hunting license.

For category C, those of reportable weapons, including hunting rifles, shotguns, and shotguns, “a license to shoot with a doctor’s stamp or Hunt validated. It is also necessary “not to be registered in the national register of persons prohibited from acquiring and possessing weapons, to have a bulletin n ° 2 of the criminal record without convictions for murder, murder, torture or acts of barbarism , Voluntary violence, rape or sexual assault, narcotics trafficking “, completes the site of the administration. Besides, you may need to have a Best Belly Band Holster to conceal your gun.

Many necessary conditions

For category B weapons, which include handguns and semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines, “only sports shooters can buy and own them”. For this, in addition to the conditions necessary for the purchase of weapons of category C, it is necessary “not to indicate a behavior that objectively leaves us afraid of using the weapon dangerous for oneself or for others, Be subject to a legal protection regime, have been or may be admitted to psychiatric care without consent, present a license in progress of a sports federation approved by the ministry responsible for sports for shooting or ball-trap practice (For certain category B weapons) “.

One also learns that it takes six months of seniority in a shooting club, “and the obligation for the holder to carry out three shooting sessions each year under control, the license being issued to him for a duration Maximum of five years renewable “.

We must apply for a license to possess a weapon at the prefecture before going to the gunsmith.” This application must contain a piece of identification, a proof of address, a completed declaration, a medical certificate and a proof of possession of a safe or a strong cupboard.

For firearms of these three categories, it must be possible to keep it at home “store it in a safe or a strong cupboard adapted to the type of material held”. In the case of categories C and D, however, it is also possible to be able to “either disassemble an essential part immediately rendering it unusable and keep this part apart, or use any other device preventing the removal of the weapon”. In addition, writes the site of the administration, ammunition must be kept separately in conditions prohibiting free access.

No children
In addition, a double check is carried out in all cases, before the sale.
As for category A weapons, it is stated that “the acquisition and possession of weapons and materials of war, defense firearms and chemical or incendiary weapons are prohibited” for individuals, except in certain specific cases, For certain “decommissioned materials”. It is in this category that we find grenades or assault rifles, for example.

In any case, you must be of age to buy a weapon
“Minors can never buy weapons without the permission of their parents, and they must have a license to shoot or a license to hunt. It is framed since it requires a family booklet. Given that we can hunt from the age of 16, the weapon is bought by the parents or guardian. ”

“You have to know the environment before you can access an arms dealer. The vendors of contraband weapons do not have sites, with a delivery system, it’s not Amazon. ”

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