If you order one online or buy parts longboard and need to assemble the parts, you can easily do it with a few tools. Assemble your longboard is not difficult once you understand how all the parts work together. Start by applying the ice clinging to the deck, then screw in your truck, and finally add the wheels and bearings. Try your best and you have the best longboards for beginners.

Keep all parts of your organization. You will have a lot of small hardware that comes in your set of a longboard.
It is best to keep things organized, so you do not lose any parts or hardware.

– You might want to keep your parts in original box or packaging until each person is essential.
Put your deck down on a flat surface.

To apply best grip tape on your face, you want to have it set to open flat on a surface. This feature will allow you to put your tape deck grip.
– You want the nose and the tail end of your board by clicking on the graphic on the bottom of the floor facing your flat surface.

Put your grip tape deck. Your grip tape is a rectangular plate covering a larger area of your ship. This allows you to have a little wiggle room if you do not put the tape exactly square. Peel back the paper from the back of your grip tape, like a sticker. Place a clamp on top of the floor as evenly as possible.

– Be careful to touch the sticky side of the little grip of the ice as possible.
– Pinch the ends of the ribbon between your index finger and your thumb.
Pull the top of the stretch tape, find the edge of your deck with your middle finger and let the grip falls flat on the deck.
– If you have a piece of grip tape has a left or graphic that is supposed to be on top of your board, you can define the nose and tail ends.

The tail usually has a steeper incline while the nose has a narrower curve. Smooth out the ice grip with your palms. Press down hard to remove any air bubbles. Start in the center of your deck and gradually move outward towards the nose and tail.

– Do your best to ensure that no air bubbles, as they will significantly reduce the amount of time still sticky grip tape on the board.
Bubble and allow a small stone to get between the grip and the deck can feel uncomfortable when traveling.
– Take a screwdriver and rubbed along the edge of the table to do a sketch. You will see a white motto for cutting. Make sure the tape and screw your grip even.
The heads of the screws should be cleaned by your-your grip tape.
If your screw head is sticking out, then it will make it more difficult to perform tricks and maneuvers.
– If your screws are not flush, screw everyone further down.
Do not go too far to risk cracking the wood deck.
Cut off the excess grip tape. Cut around the edges with a sharp knife, preferably a razor or box cutter. It is easiest to start in the center of your deck rather than on one of the edges.

– Make an incision that is perpendicular to your face.
This will make it easier to start the cut and get a consistent cutting around your deck.
– Angle your razor on top of your deck to help the process. Pull the outer part of your tape to make cutting easier. Sand down the edges of the grip tape. Take a portion of the tape was removed and, like with sandpaper, rub the edges of your grip tape.
– By sanding edges you are smoothing out any rough parts can be peeled or lifted up.
Check your truck. Make sure your truck is secured firmly to your deck. Your truck baseplate portion which is attached to the floor should not move at all.
– If your car is loose then you will have a much harder time riding your board, and it can be dangerous.
Stand on your board and test it. Rock back and forth and slide around. Check the tightness of your truck and make sure that your wheels can rotate freely.
– If the board feels loose, tighten the nuts in a clockwise direction about one-half turn for each truck.
– If your car is too tight, you may have difficulty turning or carving.
Rotate the button clockwise’s boss. Make sure you rotate the particles of each truck are.
– If you can not coast for long or resistance felt when pushing, your wheels loosened some more.

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