Four Tips to Prevent Flatulence for Pregnant Women

It is no double that flatulence is one of the common symptoms of gynecological pregnancy, but it happens less and less when the mother is approaching the last stage of pregnancy. Many women complain about the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal during the period of childbearing, which makes the body exhausted and causes discomfort feeling such as belching and heartburn. Therefore, the article today will share some experiences for pregnant women to get peace of mind from digestive discomfort during pregnancy.

When being pregnant, the hormone relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, including the esophageal valve. This problem allows stomach acid to reflux into the esophagus, especially when lying down. Heartburn becomes worse in the second and third quarter of pregnancy because of the large fetus, squeezing into the mother’s stomach.

Occasionally, food is pushed back up the esophagus as well. In addition, the digestive system in pregnant women can be weakened. These factors lead to indigestion that the mother always gets flatulence and even abdominal pain. How to handle this discomfort? This is an issue that many women are concerned about.
1. To walk
After eating for an hour, remember to walk to stimulate digestion and just lie down after eating about 2 hours. All these things directly affect the mother’s stomach as well as flatulence. If you have all these options that do not work well for pregnant women, you should see a doctor for advice.
2. To put an ice pack
Doctors recommend that you should apply the ice pack on the abdomen at least half an hour after meals to relieve stomach pain. You can also relax with a cold bath or go to the hot and cold bathroom to relax your stomach.
3. Foods to avoid
Overly sour and spicy food or fruit are the key reasons causing fatigue and upset stomach, which leads to bloating and belching.

The foods fried with greasy and fast food make the digestion process more difficult. Thus, the mothers should limit the amount of these foods.

Carbonated drinks like soft drinks, energy drinks and so on are also the main causes of bloating and flatulence. They are also not good for pregnant women’s health, so you need to avoid them as well.
Fish and smoked meat.

Dairy products (fresh milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.) make it difficult for lactose to be absorbed and, as a result, leading to dyspepsia. So your meals should be divided into many times in a day.Do not chew gum because when eating, you can create more gas in your stomach
4. Foods to eat
The fruits such as papaya, bananas, apples, pears, grapes and so on have the effect of supplying fiber, which is very beneficial for digestion and laxative.

Pregnant women can use fresh turmeric or turmeric powder to support digestion and stomach when getting trouble with the flatulence.

Perilla not only is effective in pregnancy, flu, cough, fever, phlegm, and so on but also help pregnant women reduce abdominal dyspepsia effectively.

To sum up, along with the above measures, pregnant women should also change their habits such as eating carefully, chewing slowly, wearing loose clothing, especially under the chest and abdomen.

So as not to put pressure on the digestive system, you should massage gently with the aim to help the blood circulation well in the whole body as well as stimulating digestion and reducing bloating. Hopefully, you just get more useful advice from this article and keep yourself well during pregnancy and postpartum. Please search on the Internet for more information

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