Are you tired of hair that grows back and in two days after a razor? You do not want to spend every month for an institute hair removal? And if you were trying epilation with the electric epilator? Despite the small initial investment, you are sure to make the electric epilator profitable by keeping it for several years! So, ready to buy the electric epilator that will make you soft legs for several weeks? Follow the guide. We will present the right way to use the best epilator 2017 on the market.

How an Electric Epilator Works?

Electric Epilators work to a large extent like the tweezers to remove hair from the eyebrows. In their heads have several rotating discs that when imprisoned the hair that they find and root it, exactly as when we do it with tweezers, only that much faster.

Of course, this method involves some pain, which will depend on each person and which, in any case, is reduced session after session. To combat these problems, in addition to the tricks we will mention below, the electric epilators increasingly have innovations such as massaging heads, ice gloves to numb the area, etc.

Application of an epilator

The use of an epilator with the application of a razor hardly differs at all. Because both are electric “shavers,” which must be guided over the hair, which is to be removed.

However, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind when choosing the epilator.

What body parts can an epilator page?

The epilator can debate all areas of the body that are approached, and the pain is justifiable. For, according to how thick the skin and the hair are, the pain falls out. The following areas of the body can be detailed, for example:

• Chest hair
• Hairy hair
• Arm hair
• Intimate hair
• Po hair
• Back hair

How to use the electric epilator?

There are several types of electric hair remover. And most of the time, the difference is played on the head. Springhead, tweezers or rotating discs, massaging head or refrigeration, the range is vast and adapts to your need for maximum comfort.

About use, your skin should be clean, completely dry and non-greasy.
It is important to always pass the electric epilator in the opposite direction to the hair growth (to understand mostly from bottom to top) to avoid the appearance of hairs under the skin. Do not hold your epilator anywhere. It should always be held perpendicular to the skin.

Attention to the length of the hair, it should not exceed 10 millimeters for a good result.

Which areas to depilate with an electric epilator?

The electric epilator? Ideal for your legs. For sensitive areas, even if there are special heads, the comforters must abstain. Do not use the electric facial epilator.

Our advice for the use of the electric epilator

As with all hair removal techniques, but especially with the electric epilator, do regular scrubs, before and after waxing, to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs.

For a good hair removal and to clean the shortest hair, make sure to stretch the skin with one hand while the other holds the epilator. Take a warm bath or shower before you wax! Heat dilates the pores and softens the hair.

It is advisable to use the electric epilator rather in the evening to allow the redness to disappear overnight.

New Features of Electric Epilators!

The electric epilator has evolved well. We are far from the simple iron spring used by our mothers and grandmothers. Today, electric epilators are increasingly fast and efficient. More clamps, more speed, and accessories for painless epilation: epilators compete with technology to delight you. You will get a perfect epilation and legs all soft!

The great innovation of recent years with epilation to the electric epilator remains the possibility of waxing in the shower. Gadget according to some, essential for others, depilation in the bath or shower remains a good way to save time. Less aggressive than dry skin, depilation in a warm bath allows, for example, to relax the skin, facilitating the extraction of the hair.

The massage head or the light integrated into the device are two other practical innovations. The massage head helps soothe the skin during hair removal, while the light ensures you do not forget any hair, even the finest! Who has never groaned after his hair removal by distinguishing some surviving hairs?

Waxing remains a more painful method than shaving, but the pain fades over the uses, just like the hair!

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