Comparison Guide: Which Wireless Headphones to Choose?

Whether it’s during a sporting activity, on the street or just in bed, we all spend time with headphones in the ears. For those who are pestering when they are tangled in their pockets or snatching them away from the computer, wireless headphones can be seen as a more than feasible solution for freedom of movement while keeping The best sound quality possible. The editor presents his guide to find you in the world of wireless earphones.

Different brands take advantage of new technologies and the Bluetooth connection to offer several ranges of wireless headphones. No need to get in your cables and other Jack jacks, you can now opt for small earbuds that will change your relationship with music. Looking for best earbuds under 100?
For sports fans: Samsung Gear IconX

The brand new Korean headphones, unveiled at the same time as their last connected bracelet, the Gear Fit 2, seem to appeal primarily to sportsmen.

The headphones obviously connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, and are compatible with Samsung’s S Health application.

With internal storage space of 4 GB, IconX offers you the possibility to listen to any audio file for 6 hours of autonomy. The earphone storage box can also be used as a rechargeable battery to increase battery life to 18 hours.
One of the key features remains the tactile surface of the ear cups. Indeed, no more smartphone: change music, control the volume and take your calls via a system of code tapping. But what will be most likely to interest sportsmen is the heart rate monitor, the pedometer, and an automatic activity detection function.
Available in four colors (black, white, gray and blue), the IconX will cost you 229 €.
Smallest: Earin
The headphones of the Swedish brand are meant to be the smallest connected earbuds of the market. Based on the principle of “less is more”, Earin offers earphones that are primarily focused on sound quality. And it is clear that the earbuds deliver a beautiful sound, for headphones at least.

Applied to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can boost the bass and control the volume of each earpiece through a mobile application. Allow 3 hours of autonomy before recharging your earbuds thanks to the capsule.
Note the storage capsule also serving as a recharge battery, on the same model as the IconX. However, and this may be their biggest problem, the Earin do not offer anything more.
For 249 €, enjoy optimum sound quality, without the possibility of changing music without going through the smartphone.

Those who coach you: The Dash

How? Starting with the fact that they take the form of wireless headsets connecting by Bluetooth to your smartphone.
With a battery announced 3 hours you can recharge them by. Moreover, the point where The Dash really makes the difference is played on its 32-bit integrated ARM processor which allows you to store a good thousand pieces on these earpieces. Simply put, no need to smartphone or MP3 to listen to sound. And in addition you can handle the flow of your music by a simple movement on the touch face of the earphone, in the same way as the IconX. In addition, they also make hands-free kit: you can answer your calls directly with these headphones.

The earphones are waterproof up to 1 meter deep, therefore usable for swimmers. But its interest for sportsmen also plays on its integrated sensors that allow you, via the application iOS or Android, to follow your heart rate and your physical performances. He presents himself as a true sports coach by integrating a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer that you manipulate on the tactile side of the left earphone. Also note that despite the soundproof aspect widely claimed by the brand, the device ensures a sound transparency function that allows you no longer be cut off from the world.

Currently, the product is on sale at several online retailers, including the German start-up. It is available in black or white at 300 euros and includes the box that serves as a refill and a pair of spare earbuds.

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