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Choosing your lawnmower – The Best Guide !

A lawn mower is a significant investment for the gardener. In order to choose well, the criteria to be taken into account are multiple: cutting surface, cutting width, type of motor, type of traction.

The choice of a lawn mower depends mainly on the surface to be mowed. Best zero turn lawn mower or Electric mower? For small areas, a simple, economical and environmentally friendly lawnmower will suffice if the mowing is carried out regularly. But when mowing is more occasional (as in the case of a second home for example) or the surface is large, it is necessary to turn to more sophisticated models. Among these models, the choice is very broad.

Generally, for small single-piece surfaces without borders to bypass, the best choice is an electric lawnmower. Simple to use, this type of machine requires less maintenance.

For larger areas (more than 500 m2) or for isolated grounds not having easy access to an electrical outlet, the choice must be made for a lawnmower with a thermal engine. The advantage of this type of equipment is obviously the autonomy, no wire does not thwart the maneuvers. On the negative side, the lawnmower is noisier and requires regular maintenance as well as some precautions during wintering.

Among the thermal mowers, many models are available. The differences are mainly due to the power of the engine, the cutting width, but also the traction mode. Depending on the shape of the ground and the presence of a parterre to bypass, the choice should instead turn to a lawn mower carried for lawns strewn with obstacles and towed for large rectilinear surfaces.

For surfaces between 1000 and 2000 m2, the best choice is undoubtedly a self-towed lawnmower. Beyond 2000 m2, it is more prudent to opt for a self-reaching mower limiting efforts.

In all cases, to avoid manipulation, it is advisable to opt for a model proposing a basket of pickup of cut grass. In addition to the models described above, the solution of a solar-powered robot robot is also to be studied in the case where the surface is sufficiently flat and unobstructed.

Did you know ?
Models with electric or thermal air cushions are generally more manageable especially when the terrain is on a slope. In return for the gain of maneuverability, this type of mower can not receive a container of pickup of the cut grass.

There are different types of motorization for the lawn mower:
• The manual mower;
• The thermal mower;
• Electric mower;
• And the lawnmower battery.

Before buying, it is important to know the characteristics of each type of motorization in order to choose the one that will be the most adapted to the surface to be mowed and the disposition of your ground.
The thermal mower for easy and fast mowing

The thermal mower is self-contained by taking with it its fuel tank. The gasoline engine that the team can be of modest size to large for a growing power. It is the most widespread and noisiest motor, so its use is regulated.

Mooing the lawn

In the thermal mower, a gasoline engine is used to drive the blade and possibly to propel the machine (self-propelled mower – lawnmower).

It is always a 4-stroke engine similar to a car.

The thermal engine runs on super unleaded and also requires oil in a crankcase for its lubrication. It can be single-cylinder or twin-cylinder for large power (over 15 HP) cooled by air.
The cylinder capacity of the engine will depend on the power demanded directly imposed by the crankcase width of the machine.

Thermal mower: power consumption and displacement
The fuel consumption will be directly related to its cylinder capacity:
For a powerful mower, the displacement varies from 130 cm3 to 170 cm3 for a power of 3,5 HP (2,6 kW) to 5 HP (4 Kw) in relation to the crankcase width from 40 cm to 50 cm approximately.

For a self-propelled mower, the displacement shall be at least 150 cm3 up to 190 cm3 for a minimum power of 4 CV (3.3 kW) to 6 CV (4.5 kW) depending on the slope of the terrain and in relation to The crankcase width from 40 cm to 55 cm approx.

A riding lawnmower capable of working permanently on land with slopes will have a displacement of 300 cm3 to 650 cm3 for a power of 9 CV (6.8 kW) up to 17 CV! The crankcase width varies from 65 cm to more than 110 cm.

Important tips:
Choose a modern OHV (overhead valve) or OHC (overhead camshaft) engine that performs better than rustic side valve motors.

If you are hesitant to take the electrical start option, remember that it will require a battery to be charged and replaced.
Advantages and disadvantages of the thermal mower

Proven, easy to operate
• Powerful (high torque)
• Reliability and robustness
• Noisy and very polluting
Consumption / cost of maintenance
• Fuel Consumption
• Regular maintenance
• Cylinder equivalent to a motorcycle for a slightly lower fuel consumption, but pollution far superior to that of a car!
• Annual maintenance from 80 € to 300 € per year (candle, filters, oil, belt).


Fish finder of technical inventions fishery are changing the fishing method in the world. The fish finder has been used extensively in World War to identify enemy submarines, The first finder generation of the brand range of fisheries are sold to the people in 1959 so that the signal generator with the line of light.

Over 1985 fish finder range with glass frames can (LCD) appears, since then the manufacturer for the increasingly sophisticated machines and versatility for the fisherman and sport fishing enthusiasts. Fish finder will be used to reach to find and locate fish, bottom structure observation, the location of bottom water depth.

This phenomenon is also common in people who question when buying one fish finder where fishing times, you can see through our eyes when they ask sellers is “this best fish finder reviews is difficult to use?”

The manufacturers understand this issue for so long and then they produce the basic fish finder with only three buttons and a few functions using simple that anyone can use them all. Particularly those fishing enthusiasts advanced instruments giving is a lot of choices with lots of functional machine class modern. Click here to know more about the best fish finder.

Read with speed:
Speed change with the environment, where it is transmitted, for example in dry air at a temperature of 0 degrees C wave travels with a speed of 1200 km / h, or 331.6 m / s, in a hard or liquid substance, the speed of the faster it goes.

Domestic wave travels with a speed of 5267 km has not changed is the / s or 1463 m / s like that in the country, wave is transmitted at a speed 4.5 times in the air to reach fishing should be operating the finder at this speed,
That is why one can not be accurately read out of the water while wearing the device.

Most of the machines are precisely tuned to read in depth with speed of 120 km / s and can be read at a faster rate than when we let it slightly leaning forward between 2-3 degrees.

When wave transmission wave slightly forward, then it is easy to get the faster its response of depth. largely on the TV, there is no need for machines in the 1-degree incline.

Movement Speed to identify individuals:

In the ideal environmental conditions, we moved quickly and found the fish easier, reality is different, as we do not move our screens for more details, but the finder has its limits. Example: you question a depth of 30m, the wave will retrieve all the data that passes through the wave passed on to the finder. Thus we have the image depth and width on the screen 10, or 12 or 15cm, this function is great because we can see the details of water bottoms.

But when we started to move the finder to adjust to the country we see the bottom, when fast movement as the more active machines to give us the details in time, but it is difficult to see clear images or fish. The maximum speed allowed us to see the fish are from 5-6 km / h.

If these conditions are really better than we can increase the speed of about 1-2 km / h.
About color in the finder:

The black and white screen appeared to have seen more gray signals received most will appear as tiles in light gray.
When the signal appears on the screen usually dark gray without the underscore, it tells us that these are the weakest signal is received, it is important that users can adjust it according to their own signal.

The color display works well on that basis, that is also bold, the clear signal is received, more intensity is usually red, when the signal strength fades, the red becomes orange, followed by yellow and green, the light blue color represents the weakest strength of the wave in return. Please check the manual machines only colors in order to understand as we speak.


If you order one online or buy parts longboard and need to assemble the parts, you can easily do it with a few tools. Assemble your longboard is not difficult once you understand how all the parts work together. Start by applying the ice clinging to the deck, then screw in your truck, and finally add the wheels and bearings. Try your best and you have the best longboards for beginners.

Keep all parts of your organization. You will have a lot of small hardware that comes in your set of a longboard.
It is best to keep things organized, so you do not lose any parts or hardware.

– You might want to keep your parts in original box or packaging until each person is essential.
Put your deck down on a flat surface.

To apply best grip tape on your face, you want to have it set to open flat on a surface. This feature will allow you to put your tape deck grip.
– You want the nose and the tail end of your board by clicking on the graphic on the bottom of the floor facing your flat surface.

Put your grip tape deck. Your grip tape is a rectangular plate covering a larger area of your ship. This allows you to have a little wiggle room if you do not put the tape exactly square. Peel back the paper from the back of your grip tape, like a sticker. Place a clamp on top of the floor as evenly as possible.

– Be careful to touch the sticky side of the little grip of the ice as possible.
– Pinch the ends of the ribbon between your index finger and your thumb.
Pull the top of the stretch tape, find the edge of your deck with your middle finger and let the grip falls flat on the deck.
– If you have a piece of grip tape has a left or graphic that is supposed to be on top of your board, you can define the nose and tail ends.

The tail usually has a steeper incline while the nose has a narrower curve. Smooth out the ice grip with your palms. Press down hard to remove any air bubbles. Start in the center of your deck and gradually move outward towards the nose and tail.

– Do your best to ensure that no air bubbles, as they will significantly reduce the amount of time still sticky grip tape on the board.
Bubble and allow a small stone to get between the grip and the deck can feel uncomfortable when traveling.
– Take a screwdriver and rubbed along the edge of the table to do a sketch. You will see a white motto for cutting. Make sure the tape and screw your grip even.
The heads of the screws should be cleaned by your-your grip tape.
If your screw head is sticking out, then it will make it more difficult to perform tricks and maneuvers.
– If your screws are not flush, screw everyone further down.
Do not go too far to risk cracking the wood deck.
Cut off the excess grip tape. Cut around the edges with a sharp knife, preferably a razor or box cutter. It is easiest to start in the center of your deck rather than on one of the edges.

– Make an incision that is perpendicular to your face.
This will make it easier to start the cut and get a consistent cutting around your deck.
– Angle your razor on top of your deck to help the process. Pull the outer part of your tape to make cutting easier. Sand down the edges of the grip tape. Take a portion of the tape was removed and, like with sandpaper, rub the edges of your grip tape.
– By sanding edges you are smoothing out any rough parts can be peeled or lifted up.
Check your truck. Make sure your truck is secured firmly to your deck. Your truck baseplate portion which is attached to the floor should not move at all.
– If your car is loose then you will have a much harder time riding your board, and it can be dangerous.
Stand on your board and test it. Rock back and forth and slide around. Check the tightness of your truck and make sure that your wheels can rotate freely.
– If the board feels loose, tighten the nuts in a clockwise direction about one-half turn for each truck.
– If your car is too tight, you may have difficulty turning or carving.
Rotate the button clockwise’s boss. Make sure you rotate the particles of each truck are.
– If you can not coast for long or resistance felt when pushing, your wheels loosened some more.

Reasons Why Small Chainsaw Is The Best Choice For Homeowners

These days, using a chainsaw in pruning trees or working with hard things like concrete, ice…become popular with users. A chainsaw is a helpful tool which allows people to work more easily and effectively. The information below will help you choose the best chainsaw suitable with your need.

Besides some kind of specialist chain saws, small chainsaw particularly is an ideal tool for your garden. Most homeowners want to own a small gasoline or an electric chainsaw at home instead of handsaw before. Why small chainsaw become the best choice for users? The information below will help you understand clearly.

1. The compact size
Thanks to the ideal size, the small chainsaw is a tool which most homeowners expect to obtain. A small chainsaw simply means the chainsaw is within 12 and 16 inches long, approximately 30-40 cm and about 3.9-4 kg weight. It is the combination of 2 main parts: bar and chain and several components that their outstanding feature is still compact. Small chainsaw is also used in some light-duty cutting activities. Therefore, it is specially designed to be portable and easy to control.

With these characters, the small chainsaw is the best choice to take along with when you go to the forest or anywhere without making trouble. A light chainsaw is necessary for inexperienced people. It is a thing that you can handle easily and conveniently. It is not too heavy to take a lot of effort or strength when using. Anybody can use it- old, young, men and women.

2. Useful tool

Small chainsaw is considered as a “friendly” tool because of its multifunction. The compact size does not mean that it is ill helpfulness, whereas you will find it flexible to apply. You need it to clear trees after a strong wind or storm. You use it to make a beautiful garden by pruning bonsais, felling small trees. Small chainsaw is also typically used for blocking, cutting firewood in the forest, and harvesting of firewood. That’s why most homeowners want to own this “assistant”. Small chainsaw is worth being around the yard, preparing for necessary situations.

3. Best quality product
Small chainsaw is made from a system of modern technology and intelligent machine. The capacity is about 1,3kW. The engine is designed to work strongly and long, but still, make sure the high endurance. Some small detailed materials are also made carefully such as accessible press button and anti-vibration handle in order to help people work really efficiently.

When working with the small chainsaw, you don’t worry about some annoying problem. It is manufactured in the way of limiting the noise as well as fire emissions. Moreover, the machine runs smoothly and regularly. It helps users reduce fatigue. People can feel comfortable when working with the small chainsaw.

4. Safe
If you are first using the small chainsaw, you may be concerned about the safety of this tool. The small chainsaw must be designed to protect users optimally. It is also the requirement of most of the countries. All sides of handle bar must guarantee safe standards and be able to reduce the risk of injury. In fact, these are dangerous tools and sawyers should follow the safe rule. Making sure that you wear the protective gear like gloves, boots, mesh hat…before using to get the best result.

5. Save money
Normally the price of the small chainsaw is not too expensive. Today it has become popular with users, so the price tends to be reasonable for most homeowners’ budget. Anybody can afford to buy this useful tool and take it home. Besides, the machine is operated by gasoline or electrically with fuel saving system. It helps people save time, effort and money. Anyway, an electric small chainsaw can protect the environment. It is also easy for you to adjust the chain and remove some parts, which means that the maintenance or repairing fee is cheap, too.

With these benefits, the small chainsaw is worth being the best choice for homeowners. Depending on your need, your budget, favorite, you can buy a suitable small chainsaw. It is important for you to refer some information about this tool on some reputable websites of the company to buy the best small chainsaw with suitable price.

Best Air Rifle for Beginners !

When you are just starting out with air rifles, you would want to get something that is not too expensive, but at the same time let you experience how it feels to have an air rifle.

There are a lot of air rifles today and knowing which one will be okay for a beginner like you can be intimidating, but in this article, one of the best air rifles for beginners will be reviewed.
Best Air Rifle for Beginners

Gamo 611009654 Whisper Fusion .177 Caliber
This air rifle has an excellent speed of 1300 fps using .177 caliber which means that it is the most commonly used caliber. The cylinder power plant is 29mm and comes with a 3-9 x 40 scope.
This air rifle does not make much sound because it has a Whisper Fusion dual noise dampering technology.
It is light weight with a synthetic stock and match-grade fluted barrel.This air rifle is ideal for killing small game and pests quickly because of its incredible velocity. The pneumatic inert gas cylinder is used for shooting ammunition pellets not the traditional spring technology which means that this gun does not have too much recoil.

The size of this air rifle is 50 x 6 x 3 and the weight is 5.4 lbs. The price for this product is $193.99 which is fair for any beginner because they are getting all of these features.

Additional features include 32 lbs. cocking effort, 3.74 trigger pull, automatic cocking safety system, barrel length is 18”, overall length is 43 inches and the stock is made for all weather conditions.
When you buy this, pellets are not yet included which means that you need to buy them separately and the crosman pellets would work best with this air rifle.

What Customers Are Saying
Customers are saying that this rifle could use an improvement, but it is overall a great rifle and they have no problems using it even in crowded areas because it does not make a lot of noise, they even say that it is extremely quiet.

It is also very easy to use this rifle even if the weight is a little heavy, but if you want to start out with air rifles, you should also get used to using an air rifle that is a little heavy to practice your arm strength when shooting a rifle. Customers also said that it is very perfect for hunting small game and pests.

They are impressed with the 1300 velocity because nothing will be able to escape from that. The scope could be improved, but you can always buy a new scope. it is important to practice how you are good in shooting the gun first before practicing target shooting because that will eventually come next.

This is a rather good air rifle for anyone who is going to use it for the first time and they won’t have to worry much about too much recoil because it does not use the traditional spring gun technology. Priced at $193.99, this air rifle will not hurt your wallet.