How we can get weapons

Four categories of weapons
These are divided into four categories (A, B, C, and D) since 2013. The least demanding is category D, which includes over-the-counter weapons (such as white weapons, batons, Aeronautical or detonating aerosol bombs, neutralized firearms or historical weapons), or subject to registration (like some smooth-barreled cannon guns firing a gun).

To possess this type of firearms, it is enough to be of age, but also to “hold a validated hunting license for the current year, or a license of a sports federation for the Practice shooting or ball-trap, “says the site administration. At the time of acquisition, a form must be completed along with a copy of identification and licensed sports federation or hunting license.

For category C, those of reportable weapons, including hunting rifles, shotguns, and shotguns, “a license to shoot with a doctor’s stamp or Hunt validated. It is also necessary “not to be registered in the national register of persons prohibited from acquiring and possessing weapons, to have a bulletin n ° 2 of the criminal record without convictions for murder, murder, torture or acts of barbarism , Voluntary violence, rape or sexual assault, narcotics trafficking “, completes the site of the administration. Besides, you may need to have a Best Belly Band Holster to conceal your gun.
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The 5 Main reasons for Bad Sleep

Many people complain about the lack of sleep, or so they say. Waking up at night instead of sound sleep is common among many people. The greatest worry among them is what causes this phenomenon. As we may agree, solving the problem of lack of sleep needs a clear understanding of its causes.

Many sleep problems are more of psychologically caused. It is therefore common to see individuals trying to suppress the effects of drugs that enable sleep albeit for a few hours. Such short term strategies have proven to be detrimental in the long run as individuals develop resistance and addiction.

It is against this backdrop that insomnia studies have demonstrated that the remedy to the causes of insomnia lies with knowing them. For instance, the use of alcohol and other mood depressant has usually borne short term solutions, getting to its root could give individuals the required punch.
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Reasons Why Small Chainsaw Is The Best Choice For Homeowners

These days, using a chainsaw in pruning trees or working with hard things like concrete, ice…become popular with users. A chainsaw is a helpful tool which allows people to work more easily and effectively. The information below will help you choose the best chainsaw suitable with your need.

Besides some kind of specialist chain saws, small chainsaw particularly is an ideal tool for your garden. Most homeowners want to own a small gasoline or an electric chainsaw at home instead of handsaw before. Why small chainsaw become the best choice for users? The information below will help you understand clearly.

1. The compact size
Thanks to the ideal size, the small chainsaw is a tool which most homeowners expect to obtain. A small chainsaw simply means the chainsaw is within 12 and 16 inches long, approximately 30-40 cm and about 3.9-4 kg weight. It is the combination of 2 main parts: bar and chain and several components that their outstanding feature is still compact. Small chainsaw is also used in some light-duty cutting activities. Therefore, it is specially designed to be portable and easy to control.

With these characters, the small chainsaw is the best choice to take along with when you go to the forest or anywhere without making trouble. A light chainsaw is necessary for inexperienced people. It is a thing that you can handle easily and conveniently. It is not too heavy to take a lot of effort or strength when using. Anybody can use it- old, young, men and women.

2. Useful tool

Small chainsaw is considered as a “friendly” tool because of its multifunction. The compact size does not mean that it is ill helpfulness, whereas you will find it flexible to apply. You need it to clear trees after a strong wind or storm. You use it to make a beautiful garden by pruning bonsais, felling small trees. Small chainsaw is also typically used for blocking, cutting firewood in the forest, and harvesting of firewood. That’s why most homeowners want to own this “assistant”. Small chainsaw is worth being around the yard, preparing for necessary situations.

3. Best quality product
Small chainsaw is made from a system of modern technology and intelligent machine. The capacity is about 1,3kW. The engine is designed to work strongly and long, but still, make sure the high endurance. Some small detailed materials are also made carefully such as accessible press button and anti-vibration handle in order to help people work really efficiently.

When working with the small chainsaw, you don’t worry about some annoying problem. It is manufactured in the way of limiting the noise as well as fire emissions. Moreover, the machine runs smoothly and regularly. It helps users reduce fatigue. People can feel comfortable when working with the small chainsaw.

4. Safe
If you are first using the small chainsaw, you may be concerned about the safety of this tool. The small chainsaw must be designed to protect users optimally. It is also the requirement of most of the countries. All sides of handle bar must guarantee safe standards and be able to reduce the risk of injury. In fact, these are dangerous tools and sawyers should follow the safe rule. Making sure that you wear the protective gear like gloves, boots, mesh hat…before using to get the best result.

5. Save money
Normally the price of the small chainsaw is not too expensive. Today it has become popular with users, so the price tends to be reasonable for most homeowners’ budget. Anybody can afford to buy this useful tool and take it home. Besides, the machine is operated by gasoline or electrically with fuel saving system. It helps people save time, effort and money. Anyway, an electric small chainsaw can protect the environment. It is also easy for you to adjust the chain and remove some parts, which means that the maintenance or repairing fee is cheap, too.

With these benefits, the small chainsaw is worth being the best choice for homeowners. Depending on your need, your budget, favorite, you can buy a suitable small chainsaw. It is important for you to refer some information about this tool on some reputable websites of the company to buy the best small chainsaw with suitable price.

Four Tips to Prevent Flatulence for Pregnant Women

It is no double that flatulence is one of the common symptoms of gynecological pregnancy, but it happens less and less when the mother is approaching the last stage of pregnancy. Many women complain about the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal during the period of childbearing, which makes the body exhausted and causes discomfort feeling such as belching and heartburn. Therefore, the article today will share some experiences for pregnant women to get peace of mind from digestive discomfort during pregnancy.

When being pregnant, the hormone relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, including the esophageal valve. This problem allows stomach acid to reflux into the esophagus, especially when lying down. Heartburn becomes worse in the second and third quarter of pregnancy because of the large fetus, squeezing into the mother’s stomach.

Occasionally, food is pushed back up the esophagus as well. In addition, the digestive system in pregnant women can be weakened. These factors lead to indigestion that the mother always gets flatulence and even abdominal pain. How to handle this discomfort? This is an issue that many women are concerned about.
1. To walk
After eating for an hour, remember to walk to stimulate digestion and just lie down after eating about 2 hours. All these things directly affect the mother’s stomach as well as flatulence. If you have all these options that do not work well for pregnant women, you should see a doctor for advice.
2. To put an ice pack
Doctors recommend that you should apply the ice pack on the abdomen at least half an hour after meals to relieve stomach pain. You can also relax with a cold bath or go to the hot and cold bathroom to relax your stomach.
3. Foods to avoid
Overly sour and spicy food or fruit are the key reasons causing fatigue and upset stomach, which leads to bloating and belching.

The foods fried with greasy and fast food make the digestion process more difficult. Thus, the mothers should limit the amount of these foods.

Carbonated drinks like soft drinks, energy drinks and so on are also the main causes of bloating and flatulence. They are also not good for pregnant women’s health, so you need to avoid them as well.
Fish and smoked meat.

Dairy products (fresh milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, etc.) make it difficult for lactose to be absorbed and, as a result, leading to dyspepsia. So your meals should be divided into many times in a day.Do not chew gum because when eating, you can create more gas in your stomach
4. Foods to eat
The fruits such as papaya, bananas, apples, pears, grapes and so on have the effect of supplying fiber, which is very beneficial for digestion and laxative.

Pregnant women can use fresh turmeric or turmeric powder to support digestion and stomach when getting trouble with the flatulence.

Perilla not only is effective in pregnancy, flu, cough, fever, phlegm, and so on but also help pregnant women reduce abdominal dyspepsia effectively.

To sum up, along with the above measures, pregnant women should also change their habits such as eating carefully, chewing slowly, wearing loose clothing, especially under the chest and abdomen.

So as not to put pressure on the digestive system, you should massage gently with the aim to help the blood circulation well in the whole body as well as stimulating digestion and reducing bloating. Hopefully, you just get more useful advice from this article and keep yourself well during pregnancy and postpartum. Please search on the Internet for more information

Oiled and oil-less lubrication? What is the best option?

Nowadays, in the globalization period, the market has more and more developed, and we can easily go shopping. More products, more brands, styles, functions bring us many options, but that also confuse use when making the last decision. Like other products in the market, Air Compressors are provided by many brands with different styles and functions. That explain why you may be confused when trying to find the Here is a comparison between oil and oil-less compressors in lubrication options.

Lubrication option is also one of decision that you must make when buying an air compressor. In fact, oiled compressors have a better performance than the oil-less compressor, but they always need an extra expense of care and maintenance. If you tend to use the air compressor for a lot of work, oiled compressors are a good choice, but remember you need to regularly clear and take care of it.
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The keys to a successful Youtube channel

I have just finished the book Youtubeur, by Jean-Baptiste Viet. A veritable mine of information on Youtube, from the point of view of an apprentice-youtube. I’ll talk about it later in this article, but one aspect that I particularly liked in his book is that the author was able to identify with precision the keys of a Youtube channel.

By interviewing known youtubeurs, and starting from his own experience, this is what he considers the most important.

You must love what you do. It’s primordial.
The videos will inevitably come out. Funny, more spontaneous, more relevant … The passion will push you to do more and more to get the best video possible.
For example, the yorkie NotaBene is a history enthusiast. And it shows in his videos. He even made some of his videos based on what his fans wanted to discover … and so he went in search of complementary information, on a subject that he did not master.
Another fine example is Cyprian. He obviously loves filming, but he is also a big fan of video games of all kinds. He even shot a few movies online free around his passion, which he tries to pass on to all his fans.
That’s passion. Always go further.
The creative brief
Your Youtube channel must have a clear message. Why did you create it? What is his objective? To make laugh ? Teach the guitar? In what way? For who ?
These questions are paramount, they will give you a guideline not to lose during your videos.
The script

A good video is first of all a good script. The script is not only the story told in the video, it is the sequence of the different shots, how to fit all the elements of the video, the introduction, the conclusion and the message of the video.
Working several hours on this script will significantly improve the engagement of your fans and your videos will be viewed more often, longer and will be shared regularly.
Acceptable equipment is a minimum. No need to ruin yourself with the latest fashionable HD video camera.
No. Your smartphone, a pocket tripod and a micro-tie can be enough to make quality videos. The tripod will stabilize the picture and the micro-tie to have a really very clear sound and no parasite.
It will not be George Lucas, but it will go very well.
On his site, the author of Youtubeur recommends you this tripod (or GorillaPod) and this micro-tie. Follow his advice!
As for editing, there are also good free software like Movie Maker or DaVinci Resolve. It will be very good to start.
You thought that once the video was finished, the millions of eyes would magically come in? No, unfortunately it’s not that simple. You should now work on SEO your video, making it appear first in search results on Youtube.
Think about it: you are surely not the first to make a video on the “best tart tatin”. It is up to you to reference the video so that it appears at the top of the results when this theme is searched on Youtube.
To have a Youtube channel is to receive dozens of comments each day (sometimes hateful, unfortunately …)
Being close to your fans is essential: both in the subjects of your videos, as in the comments, they will feel listened to and will have to heart to share your videos.
One of my favorite videos of Cyprien is his series “Cyprien answers your questions”. He takes the tweets of several people and answers their questions. Often personal questions, sometimes technical questions. It allows me to know Cyprien better and feel closer – despite his income and his celebrity, it is always a normal guy with his desires, fears, stuff that make him laugh …
Measuring and optimizing
You can not only make dozens of videos and hope that they will please. You need to analyze the results using Youtube tools, see where your visitors are dropping, watch the most shared videos …
For many, this will seem boring but it’s really something that can make a difference.
Contrary to popular belief, monetizing a Youtube video is much more than advertising and the famous phrase “1000 views = 1 euro”. On the one hand, this figure is a bit reducing and depends on full parameters. On the other hand, there are plenty of ways to earn money with Youtube, it’s up to you to choose what is your favorite.

Comparison Guide: Which Wireless Headphones to Choose?

Whether it’s during a sporting activity, on the street or just in bed, we all spend time with headphones in the ears. For those who are pestering when they are tangled in their pockets or snatching them away from the computer, wireless headphones can be seen as a more than feasible solution for freedom of movement while keeping The best sound quality possible. The editor presents his guide to find you in the world of wireless earphones.

Different brands take advantage of new technologies and the Bluetooth connection to offer several ranges of wireless headphones. No need to get in your cables and other Jack jacks, you can now opt for small earbuds that will change your relationship with music. Looking for best earbuds under 100?
For sports fans: Samsung Gear IconX

The brand new Korean headphones, unveiled at the same time as their last connected bracelet, the Gear Fit 2, seem to appeal primarily to sportsmen.

The headphones obviously connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, and are compatible with Samsung’s S Health application.

With internal storage space of 4 GB, IconX offers you the possibility to listen to any audio file for 6 hours of autonomy. The earphone storage box can also be used as a rechargeable battery to increase battery life to 18 hours.
One of the key features remains the tactile surface of the ear cups. Indeed, no more smartphone: change music, control the volume and take your calls via a system of code tapping. But what will be most likely to interest sportsmen is the heart rate monitor, the pedometer, and an automatic activity detection function.
Available in four colors (black, white, gray and blue), the IconX will cost you 229 €.
Smallest: Earin
The headphones of the Swedish brand are meant to be the smallest connected earbuds of the market. Based on the principle of “less is more”, Earin offers earphones that are primarily focused on sound quality. And it is clear that the earbuds deliver a beautiful sound, for headphones at least.

Applied to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can boost the bass and control the volume of each earpiece through a mobile application. Allow 3 hours of autonomy before recharging your earbuds thanks to the capsule.
Note the storage capsule also serving as a recharge battery, on the same model as the IconX. However, and this may be their biggest problem, the Earin do not offer anything more.
For 249 €, enjoy optimum sound quality, without the possibility of changing music without going through the smartphone.

Those who coach you: The Dash

How? Starting with the fact that they take the form of wireless headsets connecting by Bluetooth to your smartphone.
With a battery announced 3 hours you can recharge them by. Moreover, the point where The Dash really makes the difference is played on its 32-bit integrated ARM processor which allows you to store a good thousand pieces on these earpieces. Simply put, no need to smartphone or MP3 to listen to sound. And in addition you can handle the flow of your music by a simple movement on the touch face of the earphone, in the same way as the IconX. In addition, they also make hands-free kit: you can answer your calls directly with these headphones.

The earphones are waterproof up to 1 meter deep, therefore usable for swimmers. But its interest for sportsmen also plays on its integrated sensors that allow you, via the application iOS or Android, to follow your heart rate and your physical performances. He presents himself as a true sports coach by integrating a heart rate monitor, gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer that you manipulate on the tactile side of the left earphone. Also note that despite the soundproof aspect widely claimed by the brand, the device ensures a sound transparency function that allows you no longer be cut off from the world.

Currently, the product is on sale at several online retailers, including the German start-up. It is available in black or white at 300 euros and includes the box that serves as a refill and a pair of spare earbuds.

What should we know about mattress ?

Sleeping is one of the most important in our life. A good sleep can help and provide you more energy. However, besides other conditions such as air, temperate and noise, mattress also affects the quality of your sleep. If you sleep with the wrong mattress, it can lead to shoulder or hip pain. A good mattress should be suitable for your body and have the ability to take the pressure off your hips and shoulders, help your muscles relax.

What should we know about mattress 1

However, in the market, there are too many products which can cause confusion for you when trying to choose the mattress for side sleepers; for yourself. Therefore, this article will help you to find the best product through this guide. What you should consider when buying a mattress topper for side sleepers.

1. Material

The first thing that we should consider when selecting the mattress is materials. There are numerous products under the category of mattress topper, but with a huge difference in the way, they accomplish their goals. In the market, there are a lot of kinds of the mattress which are categorized as Memory foam mattress, Latex toppers, feather toppers, Wool toppers and so on. Among these types of mattress topper which are available on the market, the most common mattress is memory foam. The reason why this product can dominate the market is its excellent support which maintains proper balance and a considerable level of softness. Besides, it is capable of keeping a cool surface and avoid sweating in the body.

What should we know about mattress 2

The pillows made from buckwheat; they are called “ Buckwheat pillows.” The outstanding feature of this pillow is its durability. They are guaranteed to be firm with an extra ounce. Besides, they do not keep heat, so they can be the good choice for you if you do not want to be bothered by the temperature of the pillows. They just remain a comfortable temperature which helps you have the perfect sleeping. However, because of this material, they are quite heavy. You may spend a lot of energy for moving them.

The latex pillow is also made from new material. This is the most modern and innovation in the market. With the design, they can protect your head and neck during your sleep. Besides, they also remain their shape no matter how long that you use. If you think about this material for your pillow, that is a perfect idea.

The pillows made of feather, this is one the natural material, so that you can feel its softness and comfortable design. However, you can not keep their shape for a long using time because this material makes pillows get out of form and you will be disappointed about this problem.

Different material will have different characteristics, so you can consider your purpose and decide what is the best material for yourself.

2. The thickness and density

In general, the mattress has a 2 to 4 inches of density. The thicker the topper is, the firmer it will be. In other words, the thickness of the mattress will decide the durability and long life of the product.

Besides, the higher density means the dense layer of mattress firmer which provides more support for your sleep. However, if you try to find the feeling of comfort, the thin mattress can satisfy your need.

What should we know about mattress

3. Size and dimensions

After considering the density of the mattress, you should look at the size and dimensions of products. You can find the appropriate size of a mattress according to the size of your existing mattress. If you get an oversized or an undersized mattress, it will cause an imbalanced surface and changes the shape of a comfort feature.

4. Price.

It is true that most of the quality mattresses come with a higher price compared to other products. However, when buying this product, you will not regret about this investment. The high price always goes hand in hand with high quality. Therefore, you can take a time to make the last decision for this investment.

In conclusion, these are some basic information that we want to introduce to you. Hope with this knowledge, you can have a right decision and have beautiful sleep

Choosing your lawnmower – The Best Guide !

A lawn mower is a significant investment for the gardener. In order to choose well, the criteria to be taken into account are multiple: cutting surface, cutting width, type of motor, type of traction.

The choice of a lawn mower depends mainly on the surface to be mowed. Best zero turn lawn mower or Electric mower? For small areas, a simple, economical and environmentally friendly lawnmower will suffice if the mowing is carried out regularly. But when mowing is more occasional (as in the case of a second home for example) or the surface is large, it is necessary to turn to more sophisticated models. Among these models, the choice is very broad.

Generally, for small single-piece surfaces without borders to bypass, the best choice is an electric lawnmower. Simple to use, this type of machine requires less maintenance.

For larger areas (more than 500 m2) or for isolated grounds not having easy access to an electrical outlet, the choice must be made for a lawnmower with a thermal engine. The advantage of this type of equipment is obviously the autonomy, no wire does not thwart the maneuvers. On the negative side, the lawnmower is noisier and requires regular maintenance as well as some precautions during wintering.

Among the thermal mowers, many models are available. The differences are mainly due to the power of the engine, the cutting width, but also the traction mode. Depending on the shape of the ground and the presence of a parterre to bypass, the choice should instead turn to a lawn mower carried for lawns strewn with obstacles and towed for large rectilinear surfaces.

For surfaces between 1000 and 2000 m2, the best choice is undoubtedly a self-towed lawnmower. Beyond 2000 m2, it is more prudent to opt for a self-reaching mower limiting efforts.

In all cases, to avoid manipulation, it is advisable to opt for a model proposing a basket of pickup of cut grass. In addition to the models described above, the solution of a solar-powered robot robot is also to be studied in the case where the surface is sufficiently flat and unobstructed.

Did you know ?
Models with electric or thermal air cushions are generally more manageable especially when the terrain is on a slope. In return for the gain of maneuverability, this type of mower can not receive a container of pickup of the cut grass.

There are different types of motorization for the lawn mower:
• The manual mower;
• The thermal mower;
• Electric mower;
• And the lawnmower battery.

Before buying, it is important to know the characteristics of each type of motorization in order to choose the one that will be the most adapted to the surface to be mowed and the disposition of your ground.
The thermal mower for easy and fast mowing

The thermal mower is self-contained by taking with it its fuel tank. The gasoline engine that the team can be of modest size to large for a growing power. It is the most widespread and noisiest motor, so its use is regulated.

Mooing the lawn

In the thermal mower, a gasoline engine is used to drive the blade and possibly to propel the machine (self-propelled mower – lawnmower).

It is always a 4-stroke engine similar to a car.

The thermal engine runs on super unleaded and also requires oil in a crankcase for its lubrication. It can be single-cylinder or twin-cylinder for large power (over 15 HP) cooled by air.
The cylinder capacity of the engine will depend on the power demanded directly imposed by the crankcase width of the machine.

Thermal mower: power consumption and displacement
The fuel consumption will be directly related to its cylinder capacity:
For a powerful mower, the displacement varies from 130 cm3 to 170 cm3 for a power of 3,5 HP (2,6 kW) to 5 HP (4 Kw) in relation to the crankcase width from 40 cm to 50 cm approximately.

For a self-propelled mower, the displacement shall be at least 150 cm3 up to 190 cm3 for a minimum power of 4 CV (3.3 kW) to 6 CV (4.5 kW) depending on the slope of the terrain and in relation to The crankcase width from 40 cm to 55 cm approx.

A riding lawnmower capable of working permanently on land with slopes will have a displacement of 300 cm3 to 650 cm3 for a power of 9 CV (6.8 kW) up to 17 CV! The crankcase width varies from 65 cm to more than 110 cm.

Important tips:
Choose a modern OHV (overhead valve) or OHC (overhead camshaft) engine that performs better than rustic side valve motors.

If you are hesitant to take the electrical start option, remember that it will require a battery to be charged and replaced.
Advantages and disadvantages of the thermal mower

Proven, easy to operate
• Powerful (high torque)
• Reliability and robustness
• Noisy and very polluting
Consumption / cost of maintenance
• Fuel Consumption
• Regular maintenance
• Cylinder equivalent to a motorcycle for a slightly lower fuel consumption, but pollution far superior to that of a car!
• Annual maintenance from 80 € to 300 € per year (candle, filters, oil, belt).

How to choose the best ukulele ?

best ukulele for beginners

To produce pleasant and fluid musical sounds, you must combine your talent as a musician with a quality ukulele. When searching for this instrument, we suggest that you take into account certain essential characteristics, such as the size and type of the ukulele, the material used for its manufacture, and its strings.

How to choose a good ukulele?

To have the pleasure of playing an instrument that produces particularly melodious sounds, you need to know where to buy a new ukulele. But beforehand, you must know the 3 essential criteria to remember to choose this instrument to avoid wasting time in research. These include the size of the ukulele, the materials with which it is made and the strings of that instrument and best ukulele brands.

Purchase guide

The size of the ukulele
Our buying guide for the best ukuleles allows you to find a small selection of instruments that could meet your requirements. The size of the ukulele is the first of the criteria to be preferred when you go to buy. There are 4 different sizes, namely the soprano, the concert, the tenor and the baritone. The smallest is the soprano which gives a very Hawaiian sound and which has a particularly attractive aspect. It is however quite difficult to handle because of its small size and the narrowness of its sleeve.

When at the concert, it is a little bigger. It is the instrument recommended to beginners to play the ukulele because its handle is slightly wider and it also provides a very Hawaiian sound. The tenor is more suitable for recognized artists because it is longer and wider than the soprano. It is equipped with a very wide handle, which allows you to play both strings and arpeggios. It is however more expensive, which generally makes it inaccessible for beginners. Finally, baritone is the largest ukulele that exists. It gets closer to the guitar and generates a sound more serious and deeper than other ukuleles. However, it does not accord in the same way as these. It is therefore not suitable for beginners.

The material with which it is made
The first advice we offer when buying a ukulele is to look carefully at the material with which it was made. Indeed, manufacturers use different kinds of wood to design this instrument. Most of the time, it is mahogany, mango, spruce, maple, rosewood and koa, which is characteristic of Hawaiian ukulele.

Most of the time, solid wooden ukuleles give more resonance. However, they are more sensitive to frequent changes in moisture content and to temperature changes in latitudes across Europe and North America. You have to remember a fundamental rule: you can opt for the instrument that gives the best sound to your ears.

The ropes
If you are still wondering how to buy a ukulele for better value, you should continue to check if the instrument has the correct strings. Originally, Hawaiian ukuleles were equipped with gut strings. Today you can choose between polyurethane, silkgut, bionylon, nylon, nylgut, thundergut, fluoro-carbon and nylon titanium strings.

Generally, ukuleles adopt bare strings that are mono filaments made of synthetic material. As for the fourth string, the tenor and baritone ukuleles are equipped with threaded strings, ie a synthetic mono filament around which a thin metal wire is wound. Take advantage of the various offers available on our price comparator to find the ukulele that best meets your expectations and allows you to get an authentic sound.

Where to buy your ukulele?

In the local music shop?
The natural reflex is to go to the local music store.
As always there are good shops and bad shops.
So ask around you what is the serious store in your corner. The best is not always the one we believe. It’s not a big issue, it’s a matter of people and passion. Know therefore to recognize the enthusiasts.

37594848 – man is holding ukelele in music shop.

As a general rule, do not expect walls of ukuleles as is the case for guitars. Due to low demand [3] and limited commercial space, the local music store will probably offer 2 or 3 models, identified by the manager as being of interest to visitors for their reasonable price. To return to the shop of course is to have the possibility to leave immediately with a ukulele, but also to be identified as a player and to evolve this offer because it is certain that if the demand is strong, the offer will be enriched.

That is what has happened over the past year. The ukuleles of the Aloha and Stagg brands that were usually found are joined by the Lanikai and Lag brands. It’s a bit like offering up the line.

To contact the shop of the corner is also to have advice and services. It seems to me important that the seller grants you the ukulele so that you can try it, that the store has stock of spare ropes and that it can make the adjustment of the action if necessary. These are the services I expect from a good store.